Airstripe: Create unique
flying experiences.

A social airline service where you can customize your own experiences.

It’s a social thing.
Get everyone on board your flight.

Share your flight idea with the world and get people on board! Tell your friends and spread the word – if you fill the plane, your Airstripe flight will take off.

Ready to create your own unique flying experience?

Your event, your way

Make the whole trip count

Foodie flight

Embark on a gastronomic journey

Create unique experiences

With Airstripe, passengers themselves create and customize flight experiences to fit an event, a party, to promote a brand, or to bring likeminded travelers together. With Airstripe you decide.

We’re proud to be collaborating with Iberia Express to make your dream flights happen.

Create flight

Enjoy the flight of a lifetime!

If you get enough people on board, your flight experience will be ready to go – and you’ll get to go on a journey of a lifetime.

Get ready for a new way to fly!

We know that great trips start at the airport, not at the destination. That’s why we’re making it possible for you to create and customize your own flights.

With Airstripe, you can create a flight based around an event, organize unique travel experiences, or get likeminded people together for a party. Want to organize a gastronomic trip or get sports fans together for a game? As an Airstripe flight creator, you decide.

What are Airstripe experiences?

Experiences are activities created and customized by our users. Then, they share their flight idea with the world, get people on board and make it happen!